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Hello All,

First off, I'd like to announcement that we are not too dead. I've been busy behind the scenes of developing a new map for our server. Taking into account with what some of you have told me, is that City 24 won't survive in the current community of Half Life 2: Roleplay. I will release updates on the map once I feel it has that special "umph" that each map has for each community. After starting with hammer just a couple of weeks ago, I'm personally proud of how much has been done to the map under such time.


We all know Clockwork has been having some issues when it comes to listing itself onto the server directory. Myself and @DrFastDoom have been looking into Helix's version of hl2rp and their nutscript based schema. So far, we are a fan of the user interface, but if it doesn't have the same full customization and functionality as Clockwork has been able to give us, we'll revert back. Because of this, the Main server will be offline/locked for the time being.


This doesn't mean that we'll be completely dead for the time being. Please please please, if you have any suggestions, or wants to help, please let us know as we want all the help we can get. I'm always in the discord if you ever want to chat.


I will be opening Staff Applications before the end of next week. If you feel this is the best way you can help us succeed, please, apply and see if you are a fit for our team.


If you have any feedback, please let us know. 

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