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Official Forums Guidelines
(All non-banning Warning Point levels Last 3 Days)

Main Rule! Think before you post!
Green Level Infractions

Posting non-malicious links --- Worth twenty warning points.
This would mean things like www.youraloser.com, things that cannot harm a users self worth or their daily values.

Providing false information intentionally --- Worth twenty warning points.

Posting on a thread that has been inactive for more than fourteen days, A.K.A Necro-posting. --- Worth ten warning points
However, threads can be revived if relevant. i.e. Posting a photo of yourself in the Reveal Yourself thread, bumping a suggestion, etc. Posting "Happy Birthday!" on a thread from 2 months ago is considered necro.

Participating in a "fight" --- Worth 40 warning points.
This is within the public area of the forum, unless it is in the debate sub-forum and is not a belligerent battle.

Minor spam --- Worth 40 warning points.
Posting three or more replies to ones self or profile, as well as creating three or more threads within twelve hours without previous admin permission. Also includes posting irrelevant posts to the topic at hand, i.e. posting only smileys, posting "I LIKE CATS" on a discussion for role play.

Re-posting in a locked topic. --- Worth 40 warning points.

Flaming --- Worth 40 warning points.
Purposely posting with the intent to create arguments and disputes

Trolling --- Worth 40 warning points.
As defined by the Urban Dictionary; "Being a prick on the internet because you can"

Nonconstructive posting --- Worth 40 warning points.
Any posts that do not directly relate to the topic are considered nonconstructive. This rule does not apply to the "Fast Threads" section of the forums.

Orange Level Infractions

Posting malicious links --- Worth 70 warning points.
Things like pornographic links, piracy links, etc. Things that can hurt the way a user sees everyday situations or makes them

Insulting or attacking a user's being --- Worth 70 warning points.

Major spam --- Worth 70 warning points.
Posting six or more replies to ones self or profile, as well as creating three or more threads within twelve hours without previous admin permission. Also includes mass posting of irrelevant things, i.e. posting 12 smiley faces on a thread

False reports/ban requests --- Worth 70 warning points.
Especially if it is just to be spiteful or unwarranted.

Not listening to probationary warnings from Staff Members --- Worth 70 warning points.
(I.E Not waiting two weeks after reapplying on an application)

War posting --- Worth 70 warning points.
Arguing back and forth with user(s) on a thread.

Cyber Bullying --- Worth 70 warning points
Posting on a thread and telling a user to kill themselves, hurt themselves or even with intention to make that user depressed can count as 'Cyber Bullying'.
Red Level Infractions

Threatening to attack the server. --- Permanent ban

Repeatedly receiving Infractions. --- Permanent ban

Advertising. --- Permanent ban.

Having five 'Green Level Offenses'. --- One week ban.

Have two 'Yellow Level Offenses'. --- One week ban.

Copyright infringement. --- Permanent ban.

Real-life Legal Offenses. --- Permanent ban.

Creating an alternative account on the forums without the approval from Community Management. --- Permanent ban.

Registering using a quick email service (10 minute mail, etc.) --- Account Deletion & Possible Ban.

***Moderators and staff have the final say on all matters. If you would like to report moderator abuse, contact Community Management directly.***

***Creating public threads or posts that question or reference administrative decisions or potential administrative decisions is not permitted.***

***Freedom of speech rights do not extend to privately owned websites, such as this one.***

***These guidelines detail the types of behavior and activities that are allowed here.***

***We reserve the right to deactivate any account and to edit or remove any content without warning.***

***These guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.***

***If you have a question or suggestion about our User Guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact Community Management and we will gladly help in any way that we can.***

Note: Users are permitted one name change per month.