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  2. Experience Excellence A Luxury Casino & Resort In The Heart Of Vinewood You've heard the rumors. You want to believe them, and there's only one way to find out. Here, walking through the door of the Diamond Casino is an experience. Fortunes changed in an instant, from one card draw, from the spin of a wheel, from the pull of a lever. Our world class hospitality is here for you, fulfilling your every whim and desire. The rumors didn't begin to do it justice. Welcome to The Diamond The illustrious Los Santos branch of the Diamond Casino & Resort started out as the brainchild of one Michael Browman, industry veteran and firebrand, known for his development of La Puerta Del Sol, his two-phase project preceding the Diamond. Approached by the then Las Vegas-based Diamond Casino and Resort Entertainment Corporation, plans were laid for the development of the very best in entertainment and luxury within our very own state of San Andreas; with hard work, over fifty years of corporate experience and a dream leading to present day; namely, the largest entertainment venue of his kind, so ingrained within San Andreas culture that it has, by most metrics, become an iconic location for it's unparalleled facilities and opulence. Following the success of the Casino and Resort, Michael Browman, then General Manager of the Los Santos Diamond had decided that the conclusion of 2020 was also an apt time for him to withdraw from the industry, retiring from his position and offering up a successor to the enterprise; one Sarah Schönherr, an experienced pit-boss and supervisor with intimate knowledge of the facilities, staff and localé of San Andreas. A change in management also came with a change in focus, with General Manager Schönherr leading the Diamond into a rapid expanse of services rendered, with it expanding beyond just a venue for entertainment and gambling, for under this new leadership, it has become so much more. A focus, truly, on experiences and opulence, on luxury and customer care. With the blessing of an industry-leading corporation and years of experience, the newly-minted management has nothing short of surpassed those before them, building over the foundation of the casino with an immaculate array of facilities for the most demanding of clients. From the splendor of it's legendary rooftop parties to the exclusivity of it's Penthouse suité, one could truly find a contrast between a simple visit and the full leisure of a Cullinan membership. Our origins date back to the late 1960s and a man named Joseph Richards, who became one of the most famous and successful businessmen of his generation. A one-time owner of the renowned Diamond Resorts, he is widely credited as among the early pioneers of Las Vegas. He built the Diamond Hotel in 1962—the largest hotel in the world at that time, which surpassed most famous Hotels in size and was larger than the Empire State Building. In 2017, long after Richards had left the business, Diamond Resorts under new management of Alexander Shepard acquired the recently bankrupt property of "Be Lucky: Los Santos" in the heart of Vinewood in Los Santos, in the beautiful state of San Andreas. Tearing down the entire site, they started making room for the first combination of the best Diamond Resorts had to offer. A Casino and fully fledged resort all in one; The Diamond Casino & Resort | Los Santos. A true gem to brighten up Los Santos, with its white and black color scheme, and state of the art Resort and Roof Terrace. Since then, what once was a hotel only, Las Vegas-anchored operation has become a global outreach of entertainment, offering the world’s most exciting and diverse portfolio of guest experiences through a signature, unified strategy. No other company with roots in gaming has undergone a transformation quite like ours. A formatted strategy to take the best of our history and its benefits, combine it with our largest ambitions for the future and execute with one common mission that has revolutionized the way we do business. Today, many of our casinos, hotels, and resorts are showcases of prime entertainment choices and our global suite of five-star experiences means guests can find a little bit of the best of Las Vegas in locations throughout the United States. Corporate Hierarchy Diamond Resorts CEO - Alexander Shepard ( Nightmare Night ) Board of Directors - TBA ( Charles. ) The Diamond Casino & Resort General Manager - Sarah Schönherr ( Nightmare Night ) Supervisors: Nick Deimous - Head of Security ( AlphaBatal ) Nicole Butler - Head of Staffing ( ayame ) Bar Staff: August Lions ( ATEEZ ) Harvey Sutton ( Trizzyy ) Mindy Townsend ( JAIME ) Rose Eliona ( GQrtz ) Dealing Staff: Brian Decker ( PlayerX ) Emil Grey ( Kaleb ) Jonathan Santoro ( Baconlove96 ) Security Associate: Alejandro Delgado ( Theyss ) Alex Jorgensen ( Jorgensen ) Anastasiya Novytskaia ( Sakuya ) Aspen Nowak ( Gracemeria ) Bradley Puckett ( SPANK BANK ) Daniella Heikkinen ( nelsondx ) Jonathan Fjellhol ( TheRobotkiller ) Lucia Weber ( Lucia ) Lucy Oswald ( Smickle ) Morgan Blackwell ( LordRulerJay ) Samar Fadhil ( fizzle ) Alex Bowman ( Leggy3 ) OOC As a long-standing business on the server, the Diamond has always sought to provide more than simple gambling support. With recent expansion of facilities, the focus of the Diamond, too, has shifted into something far greater than it's initial purpose. With a focus on true luxury and aiming to fill the niché of actual white collar roleplay, we seek to provide grounds to those that actually want to roleplay the top one percent, with all the exclusivity, security and prejudice towards the masses such offers. A contrasting experience between the reckless gambling in the pit and the expensive drinks at the Penthouse above, between those paying hundreds to get past the door and those that fork over thousands for the sake of access and extravagance and wish to indulge in high living. As such, as daunting of a prospect as running this massive combination of facilities is, we realise the possibilities and opportunities that come with and actively seek to bring the unexplored field of corporate, nigh-infinite-money opulence to those that could appreciate it, and seek to foster a culture of owners, leaders and bosses by providing them with the necessary environment to form connections and meet; that is to say, by vetting those that seemingly cannot justify their presence amongst the elite and pruning them, in stark contrast to the prevalent, inclusive culture of other businesses on the server; money, after all, is not what makes a character affluent. It's influence through roleplay, be it through enterprise, government positions or conscious effort.
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